We had a blast at last week’s 140conf. From radiation oncologist Krupali Tejura (@krupali) to actor Romany Malco’s ‘Tijuana Jackson’ ex-con alias (@tijuanajackson), there was no shortage of “characters” on stage.

Here are a few of our favourite recaps of the event (besides ours, of course):

Calvin Reid provides a comprehensive event sum-up for Publishers Weekly.

Bruce Sallan is a blogging, fedora-wearing, doting father of two. Read a take on 140conf from this “Dad’s Point-of-View.”

Fast Company’s Drew Neisser’s experience at 140Conf left him hungry for more.

What the $*%! is next? Social Media Today’s Jeff Gibbard tells us in his (mildly) profanity-laced conference review.

Homeless mom Carey Fuller shares her heartfelt musings on her time at 140conf.

“Be appropriate:” A middle-schooler’s wise words on using Facebook, plus more of Flight Path’s conference faves.

Lupus advocate Tiffany Peterson celebrates her “Lupus Ladies of Twitter” sisters.

Romany Malco as Tijuana Jackson @140conf - Image via Flickr: bjmccray