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Sparksheet is an award-winning multiplatform magazine. We explore how brands are using different platforms to get relevant content to the right people wherever they may be more.



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Sparksheet Monthly

Subscribe to Sparksheet Monthly and receive our free e-newsletter on or near the first Tuesday of every month.

Sparksheet is an award-winning multiplatform magazine. We explore how brands are using different platforms to get relevant content to the right people wherever they may be.

We believe that we are living in a world where media outlets are becoming more like brands and brands are becoming more like media. While content creators are experimenting with new business models and digital platforms, businesses are using content to tell their stories, engage people, and make money.

Our mission is to help media and marketing professionals make sense of these changes and to spark new ideas for how brands can use content to communicate in a more human, compelling and platform-agnostic way.

Powered by Spafax, a tenthavenue/WPP content marketing agency, we are committed to being an editorially independent, transparent and forward-thinking business publication. We are not published on behalf of a client and we don’t have any advertising or sponsored content on the site unless specifically noted.

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Our Team

  • Arjun BasuArjun Basu is Senior Vice President, Content Strategy, at Spafax. He is the former editor-in-chief of Air Canada's enRoute magazine and the author of Squishy, a collection of short stories, as well as the novel Waiting For The Man. Follow him on Twitter: @spafax_arjun

  • Natalie HaggarNatalie Haggar is the Community Manager at Sparksheet. She recently completed the Advertising Copywriting program at Humber College where she wrote fake ad campaigns with the least puns possible. She's a reader of comments, a follower of brands and a dabbler in friendship bracelets. Follow her at : @nataliehaggar.

  • Raymond GirardRaymond Girard is the Publisher of Sparksheet. As President of Spafax Interactive, he’s leading Spafax’s global digital and interactive activities. As Vice-President, Media & Publishing until 2008, he helped major brands connect with the “consumer in transit” throughout the entire journey experience.

  • Niall McBainNiall McBain is the CEO of Spafax. He began his career at British Satellite Broadcasting & DataVision Ltd and later headed up special projects at Chrysalis. Since joining WPP in 2000, Spafax has become a world leader in content marketing, inflight entertainment, and media sales.

Our Contributors

Want to write for us? Contact us!

  • adam-broitman
    Adam Broitman

    Partner, Circ.us • Blogger, imediaconnection.com

  • al-st-germain
    Al St. Germain

    Vice President, Spafax USA

  • alex-rowland
    Alex Rowland

    Chief Operating Officer, Alphabird

  • alexandra-recasan
    Alexandra Recasan

    PR specialist

  • alicia-lawrence
    Alicia Lawrence

    Content Coordinator, WebpageFX • Writer, MarCom Land

  • alison-kramer
    Alison Kramer

    Author, Unselling • Consultant • Speaker;

  • aliyah-shamsher
    Aliyah Shamsher

    Founder and Creative Director, Art+Language • Founder, Issue 28

  • amanda-barbara
    Amanda Barbara

    Vice President, Pubslush

  • amanda-disilvestro
    Amanda DiSilvestro

    Writer, Higher Visibility

  • amber-osborne
    Amber Osborne

    Social Media Consultant, missdestructo.com • Director of the CEO, Head of Lettuce Media

  • amy-lavalette
    Amy Lavalette

    VP, Evidently Asia

  • andre-valle
    André Valle

    Content strategist and web analytics specialist, Dynamo • Instructional design specialist • Co-founder, Dynamic/Mtl;

  • andrew-davis
    Andrew Davis

    Author, "Town Inc." • Co-Founder, Tippingpoint Labs

  • andrew-kessler
    Andrew Kessler

    Founder and CEO, Togather

  • Andrew-McStay
    Andrew McStay

    Senior Lecturer at Bangor University (Wales, UK)

  • andrew-stager
    Andrew Stager

    SEO and Social Media Analyst, iProspect

  • andy-hayes
    Andy Hayes

    Founder, Plum Deluxe

  • angela-mackenzie
    Angela MacKenzie

    Editorial Intern, Sparksheet • Journalist

  • angie-pascale
    Angie Pascale

    Communications and Social Media Manager, Location3 Media • Blogger, location3.com/blog

  • anita-windisman
    Anita Windisman

    President and Founder, One of a Kind Marketing • Blogger, blogs.oneofakindpublishing.com

  • anne-caborn
    Anne Caborn

    Co-Founder and Creative Director, CDA • Director, Make it and Mend it Ltd.

  • annemarie-steen
    Annemarie Steen

    Actress • Speaker • Facilitator ;

  • ashkan-karbasfrooshan
    Ashkan Karbasfrooshan

    CEO, watchmojo.com

  • avi-dan
    Avi Dan

    Founder, Avidan Strategies

  • aymar-jean-christian
    Aymar Jean Christian

    Assistant professor of communication, Northwestern University • Editor, Hacktivision

  • bart-de-pelsmaeker
    Bart De Pelsmaeker

    CEO, Readz

  • ben-rodier
    Ben Rodier

    Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ad Splash Media

  • ben-williams
    Ben Williams

    Communications and Operations Manager, Eyeo GmbH

  • benjamin-boxer
    Benjamin Boxer

    Product Manager, NewsCred

  • beth-freedman
    Beth Freedman

    Group Account Director, Fallon • Contributor, MediaPost's Travel Marketing Newsletter

  • biserka-anderson
    Biserka Anderson

    Content Marketer, Brightfire

  • bob-garfield
    Bob Garfield

    Host, "On The Media" • Author, "Can't Buy Me Like"

  • brad-shorr
    Brad Shorr

    B2B marketing director, Straight North LLC

  • brett-snyder
    Brett Snyder

    Award-winning blogger, crankyflier.com • President, Cranky Concierge

  • carly-gatto
    Carly Gatto

    Office Manager, Spafax Toronto

  • carol-roth
    Carol Roth

    Investment Banker, Business Strategist and Deal Maker • Author, "The Entrepreneur Equation"

  • carolyn-childs
    Carolyn Childs

    Director of Travel and Leisure Research Division, TNS Australia • Blogger, sixthsenseinsights.com.au

  • cassio-politi
    Cassio Politi

    Director of Content Marketing, Tracto • Author

  • chandal-nolasco-da-silva
    Chandal Nolasco da Silva

    Account Manager, AOD Marketing

  • chantal-scott
    Chantal Scott

    Marketing Assistant, CruisePlus

  • charlene-rooke
    Charlene Rooke

    Travel writer • Former Editor, Western Living and enRoute

  • charles-lim
    Charles Lim

    Charles Lim was the Digital Director of Spafax and Sparksheet. He comes from a mostly graphic design background, and is an aficionado of video games and pop culture. His personal site is at chedonline.com.

  • chris-baggott
    Chris Baggott

    CEO, Compendium

  • chris-brogan
    Chris Brogan

    President, Human Business Works • Bestselling Author, "Trust Agents"

  • chris-ertel
    Chris Ertel

    Author, Moments of Impact • Director, Deloitte Consulting

  • chris-johns
    Chris Johns

    Award-winning food and travel writer

  • christian-arno
    Christian Arno

    Founder, Lingo24

  • clare-ondrey
    Clare Ondrey

    Director of Marketing, Parse.ly

  • colin-agur
    Colin Agur

    Ph.D. Student, Colombia University • Blogger, www.colinagur.com

  • courtney-macneil
    Courtney MacNeil

    Senior Director, Business Development and Client Strategy, Spafax

  • craig-badings
    Craig Badings

    Founder, Leading Thought • Director, Cannings Corporate Communications

  • craig-silverman
    Craig Silverman

    Director of Content, Spundge • Founder and Editor, Regret the Error • Journalist;

  • ct-moore
    CT Moore

    SEO and content strategist • Speaker

  • dan-levy
    Dan Levy

    Content Strategist, Unbounce • Former Editor, Sparksheet

  • daniella-koren
    Daniella Koren

    Founder and President, DKI

  • danny-groner
    Danny Groner

    Manger of blogger partnerships and outreach, Shutterstock

  • dave-godsall
    Dave Godsall

    Communications Consultant, PHS Community Services • Assistant Editor of BC Business, Canada Wide Media

  • Dave-Kerpen
    Dave Kerpen

    Co-Founder and CEO, Likeable Media • Author, "Likeable Business"

  • david-meerman-scott
    David Meerman Scott

    Bestselling Author, "The New Rules of Marketing & PR" • Blogger, webinknow.com

  • don-caldwell
    Don Caldwell

    Senior Reporter, Know Your Meme

  • dorie-clark
    Dorie Clark

    CEO, Clark Strategic Communications • Author, "Reinventing You" • Strategy Consultant;

  • doug-levy
    Doug Levy

    Founder and CEO, MeplusYou • Author, "Can't Buy Me Like"

  • edward-baldwin
    Edward Baldwin

    Partner, Recurve Services

  • elena-novelli
    Elena Novelli

    Lecturer in Management at City University London

  • emanuel-rosen
    Emanual Rosen

    Author, Absolute Value

  • eve-thomas
    Eve Thomas

    Assistant Editor of Luxury Brands, Spafax • Pop culture expert, Kelly Alexander Show

  • farrah-bostic
    Farrah Bostic

    Founder, The Difference Engine • Speaker

  • floris-lefever
    Floris Lefever

    Online Marketer and Project Manager, Absoluut (Belgium)

  • fraser-ballard
    Fraser Ballard

    Copywriter • Content Strategist

  • geof-auchinleck
    Geof Auchinleck

    Co-founder and CEO, Claris Companion

  • geoff-livingston
    Geoff Livingston

    Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, Razoo • Co-author, "Marketing in the Round"

  • george-takei
    George Takei

    Actor, Star Trek • Author, "Oh Myyy! There Goes The Internet"

  • gina-smith
    Gina Smith

    freelance writer

  • gini-dietrich
    Gini Dietrich

    Founder and CEO, Arment Dietrich • Blogger, Spin Sucks • Co-author, "Marketing in the Round";

  • gordon-plutsky
    Gordon Plutsky

    Chief Marketing Officer, King Fish Media • Author, "How to Choose the Right Marketing Agency"

  • greg-dorban
    Greg Dorban

    Head of Inbound Marketing, Ledger Bennet

  • greg-hickman
    Greg Hickman

    Mobile Marketing Strategist • Blogger and Podcaster, MobileMixed.com

  • gunther-sonnenfeld
    Gunther Sonnenfeld

    SVP Director of Experience and Applied Technology, RAPP • Co-Founder, ThinkState

  • hank-wasiak
    Hank Wasiak

    Partner, The Concept Farm • Bestselling Author, "The Asset-Based Thinking Series"

  • heidi-sullivan
    Heidi Sullivan

    Senior VP, Cision

  • henry-lawson
    Henry Lawson

    CEO, nFluence Media

  • ilan-mester
    Ilan Mester

    Arts and Entertainment Writer

  • ilana-weitzman
    Ilana Weitzman

    Editor-in-Chief, enRoute Magazine

  • itamar-simonson
    Itamar Simonson

    Author, Absolute Value • Marketing Professor, Stanford University

  • ivonne-kinser
    Ivonne Kinser

    Digital Marketer, Rocket Red • Founder, iFashion Branding

  • ja-nae-duane
    Ja-Naé Duane

    Director of Social Media, Overdrive Interactive • Author, “How to Start Your Business with $100” • Opera singer ;

  • jacinthe-dupuis
    Jacinthe Dupuis

    Online Editorial Assistant, Spafax

  • jacqueline-parker
    Jacqueline Parker

    Owner and Editor-in-Chief, solomag.com • Co-Founder, Les Petite Amies Productions

  • jake-bleiberg
    Jake Bleiberg

    Former Editor, Sparksheet

  • jamille-barreto
    Jamille Barreto

    Digital Production Manager, Spafax

  • jasmin-legatos
    Jasmin Legatos

    Former Online Editor, Spafax

  • jason-wells
    Jason Wells

    CEO, ContactPoint • Former Senior Vice President, Sony

  • jay-baer
    Jay Baer

    Founder, Convince and Convert • Author, Youtility • Speaker;

  • jay-vidyarthi
    Jay Vidyarthi

    User Experience Designer and Research Coordinator, Yu Centrik • Primary Usability Analyst, LevelSocial

  • jean-marc-dejonghe
    Jean-Marc De Jonghe

    Vice-President, Digital Products at La Presse

  • jeff-campagna
    Jeff Campagna

    Creative direct and founder, Compass Cultura • Freelance journalist

  • jeff-lee
    Jeff Lee

    Creative and marketing consultant

  • jeff-pulver
    Jeff Pulver

    Founder and Curator, #140Conf • Creator, Voice on the Net (VON)

  • jeff-swystun
    Jeff Swystun

    President and CMO, Swystun Communications

  • jeffrey-spivock
    Jeffrey Spivock

    Beauty, retail and consumer expert, MSL Group Canada

  • jennifer-kettlewell
    Jennifer Kettlewell

    Creator, Moxie Mafia System • Executive Director of NW Colorado, BNI

  • jesse-aaron
    Jesse Aaron

    Community Manager, WebpageFX • Blogger, Mashabout

  • jimmy-daly
    Jimmy Daly

    Tech writer • Editor, ContentScience.org • Photographer;

  • joe-griffin
    Joe Griffin

    Co-CEO and Co-founer, Acquire and ClearVoice

  • joe-mccambley
    Joe McCambley

    Co-founder, The Wonderfactory

  • joe-pulizzi
    Joe Pulizzi

    Executive Director, Content Marketing Institute • Founder, Junta42 • Co-Author, "Get Content Get Customers";

  • joel-backaler
    Joel Backaler

    Founder, China Observer

  • joey-tanny
    Joey Tanny

    Founder, Tanny & Joe

  • john-kurien
    John Kurien

    Web Marketing & Operations Manager, veraprint.com • Online Media Strategist, BAM Strategy

  • jordan-markowski
    Jordan Markowski

    Content and Community Manager, Dx3 Canada and AndroidTO

  • jose-lizarraga
    Jose Lizarraga

    Video Editor, Spafax

  • julie-burgmeier
    Julie Burgmeier

    Owner, Skagit Marketing • Consultant at McGraw-Hill

  • julien-smith
    Julien Smith

    Founder and CEO, Breather • Author, "Trust Agents," "The Flinch"

  • karl-rohde
    Karl Rohde

    Technology Director • Blogger, WorkLikeAnArtist.com

  • karyn-campbell
    Karyn Campbell

    LA-based art, design, lifestyle and tech writer • Community Manager, The IdeaLists

  • katherine-sehl
    Katherine Sehl

    Copy editor, APEX Magazine • Photographer

  • keith-ecker
    Keith Ecker

    Content Strategist, Jaffe PR

  • ken-ribotsky
    Ken Ribotsky

    CEO, Brandkarma

  • kent-valentine
    Kent Valentine

    Engagement Director, Last Exit • Stand-up Comedian

  • kimberlie-birks
    Kimberlie Birks

    Masters Student, Design Criticism at School of Visual Arts • Contributor, enRoute Magazine

  • kristina-velan
    Kristina Velan

    Manager, Research & Insights, Spafax

  • kunal-sinha
    Kunal Sinha

    Chief Knowledge Officer, Ogilvy & Mather China • Award-winning Author, China's Creative Imperative

  • laura-baverman
    Laura Baverman

    Freelance Business Journalist

  • laura-service
    Laura Service

    Designer, Spafax

  • Lee Bob-Black
    Lee Bob Black

    Senior writer and editor for SkilledUp

  • lisa-kay-solomon
    Lisa Kay Solomon

    Author, Moments of Impact • Teacher, California College of the Arts

  • lisa-movius
    Lisa Movius

    Shanghai-based journalist

  • liz-alexander
    Liz Alexander

    Professor, University of Texas at Austin • Author • Speaker;

  • liz-deering
    Liz Deering

    Managing Partner and CMO, Affinity Interactive Group

  • marissa-gagnier
    Marissa Gagnier

    Social Media Specialist, Corel • Blogger, marissagagnier.com, dollsndeals.com

  • mark-courtney
    Mark Courtney

    Managing Partner and CEO, Affinity Interactive Group

  • mark-higginson
    Mark Higginson

    Social Media Manager, University of Brighton • Blogger, markhigginson.co.uk

  • mark-ritson
    Mark Ritson

    Marketing Professor and Columnist for Marketing Week

  • mark-schaefer
    Mark Schaefer

    Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions • Author, "Return on Influence" • Marketing professor, Rutgers;

  • marlon-rodrigues
    Marlon Rodrigues

    Director of Alliances, Polar Mobile

  • matt-gibbs
    Matt Gibbs

    Co-Founder, SparkReel • Former Director of Social Media, Playboy

  • matthew-capala
    Matthew Capala

    Marketer • Head of Search, Profero • Adjunct Professor, NYU;

  • matthew-fox
    Matthew Fox

    Digital Editor at Spafax’s Montreal office

  • maura-mcwalters
    Maura McWalters

    Senior Manager, TV Acquisitions, Spafax • Columnist, Access magazine

  • michael-brito
    Michael Brito

    Author, "Your Brand: The Next Media Company" • Blogger, britopian.com

  • michael-fitzgerald
    Michael FitzGerald

    Co-founder, Submittable • Author, "Radiant Days"

  • michael-truby
    Michael Truby

    Outreach Executive, SEOptimise

  • mike-cottrill
    Mike Cottrill

    Founder and CEO, Beegit • Content Marketer

  • mike-essex
    Mike Essex

    Digital Marketer, Koozai • Author, "Free Stuff Everyday"

  • mike-kisseberth
    Mike Kisseberth

    CRO, Purch

  • mike-lavigne
    Mike Lavigne

    Product Manager

  • mikolaj-piskorski
    Mikolaj Jan Piskorski

    Associate Professor, Harvard Business School • Author, A Social Strategy

  • miriam-berger
    Miriam Berger

    Owner/Consultant, AppleCrisp Marketing Solutions • Blogger, travellingstarfish.com

  • Missie-Peters
    Missie Peters

    Associate, Kendallwood

  • mitch-joel
    Mitch Joel

    President, Twist Image • Bestselling Author, "Six Pixels of Separation"

  • nancy-duarte
    Nancy Duarte

    CEO, Duarte, Inc • Author, "Resonate"

  • natasha-mekhail
    Natasha Mekhail

    Editor, Spafax Luxury Brands

  • nazia-dubois
    Nazia Du Bois

    Head of Strategy, Ogilvy Noor • Co-Author, "Brands, Islam and the New Muslim Consumer"

  • neil-sharman
    Neil Sharman

    Research and Insight Consultant

  • nicole-pacampara
    Nicole Pacampara

    Digital Media, Spafax • Educational technology researcher

  • nina-lassam
    Nina Lassam

    Content Partnership Manager, Wattpad • Digital publishing and marketing consultant

  • olivia-collette
    Olivia Collette

    Freelance Journalist and Copywriter

  • pat-ogura
    Patricia Ogura

    Senior Analytics Consultant

  • patricia-korth-mcdonnell
    Patricia Korth-McDonnell

    Partner and Managing Director, Huge LA

  • paul-rand
    Paul Rand

    Founder and CEO, Zocalo Group

  • paul-spicer
    Paul Spicer

    Partner, Etre Communications • Tech writer, Richmond Grid

  • phil-birnbaum
    Phil Birnbaum

    Publicist, Spafax • Blogger, TheSpectacled.com

  • philip-lenger
    Philip Lenger

    President and founder, Show+Tell

  • ramon-bez
    Ramon Bez

    Product Marketer, BraveNewTalent

  • renata-acioli
    Renata Acioli

    Web Content Producer and Consultant, TV Globo and CCAA • Blogger, mundomidias.blogspot.com

  • ric-dragon
    Ric Dragon

    CEO and Co-Founder, DragonSearch • Blogger, dragonsearchmarketing.com/blog

  • richard-francella
    Richard Francella

    Former Community Manager, Sparksheet

  • richard-zgraggen
    Richard Z'Graggen

    Vice President - Head of Experience Design at LVL Studio

  • robert-passikoff
    Robert Passikoff

    Founder and President, Brand Keys • Author, "The Certainty Principle" • Speaker;

  • rupert-day
    Rupert Day

    CEO, tenthavenue

  • russell-sparkman
    Russell Sparkman

    CEO and Co-Founder, Fusionspark Media • Founder and Executive Director, Langley Center for New Media

  • scott-gross
    T. Scott Gross

    Author, "Invisible: How Millennials Are Changing the Way We Sell" • Speaker

  • scott-stratten
    Scott Stratten

    Author, Unselling • Consultant • Speaker;

  • sean-mcvey
    Sean McVey

    Online Marketing Director, Hinge • Author, "Online Marketing for Professional Services"

  • seth-godin
    Seth Godin

    Author • Marketer • Founder, Squidoo.com;

  • sharlene-sones
    Sharlene Sones

    Founder/Brand Storyteller, Brandstoria

  • sharon-napier
    Sharon Napier

    Founder and CEO, Partners + Napier

  • shaun-daniels
    Shaun Daniels

    Writer, SocialMonsters

  • shel-holtz
    Shel Holtz

    Principal, Holtz Communication + Technology • Author • Advisory Board Member, The Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media;

  • shelina-janmohamed
    Shelina Janmohamed

    Senior Strategist, Ogilvy Noor

  • sophie-woodrooffe
    Sophie Woodrooffe

    Former Editor-in-Chief, Sparksheet

  • steve-mandamadiotis
    Steve Mandamadiotis

    Former Design /UX Lead, Spafax • Web Design Instructor, Concordia University

  • tania-hew
    Tania Hew

    Marketing Consultant • Web Developer

  • ted-leonhardt
    Ted Leonhardt

    Management Consultant • Negotiation Trainer

  • toby-murdock
    Toby Murdock

    Co-Founder & CEO, Kapost

  • tori-cushing
    Tori Cushing

    Customer Success Engineer

  • tracy-bains
    Tracy Bains

    Manager of Communications, University of British Columbia • Executive, CoopCulture

  • uslan-cevet
    Uslan Cevet

    Digital expert, Axon Publishing • Photographer

  • valerie-belair-gagnon
    Valérie Bélair-Gagnon

    Ph.D. Student, City University London • Blogger, valeriebelairgagnon.wordpress.com

  • venus-kitagawa-stojsic
    Venus Kitagawa-Stojsic

    Producer of Audio Programming, Spafax

  • warren-etheredge
    Warren Etheredge

    Founder, The Warren Report • Co-Founder, The Film School • Host, The High Bar;

  • zach-watson
    Zach Watson

    Content Marketer


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Webby Awards 2013

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  • Best Standalone Digital Magazine, B2B (Gold – Eddie)
  • Best Online Column or Blog, B2B (Gold – Eddie) (Return of the Editor)
  • Silver – Best Digital Edition/Digital Magazine Design (Silver – Ozzie)

Canadian Online Publishing Awards 2012

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