Travel Marketing

Caribou Coffee warms up potential customers by transforming bus shelters into branded experiences.

Southwest Airlines turns direct-connect into direct revenue – a competitive advantage they do not intend to share.

ITB encourages travel suppliers to establish trust with consumers before moving into social media marketing.

Media + Magazines

AOL takes aim at Flipboard with its new interactive magazine app, Editions“The magazine that reads you.”

A study conducted by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services reports that few business executives believe their companies use social media effectively.

The Independent demonstrates how newspapers and Facebook can work together to create a personalized media experience for readers.

Branded Content + Entertainment

With digital screens, real-time images and sounds, facial recognition, and some high-power fans, Discovery Channel series “Storm Chasers” comes to life when the “Urban Tornado” campaign touches down on the streets of New York City.

Tostitos focuses on making connections, using its Facebook page to launch an emotional social media campaign that reunites consumers with friends and loved ones.

Pizza Hut joins forces with Movies on Demand in an effort to entertain customers while they wait for their deliveries.