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Sparksheet Monthly

Subscribe to Sparksheet Monthly and receive our free e-newsletter on or near the first Tuesday of every month.

The Sparkbeat Brands Gone Viral

Brands Gone Viral

Earlier this year, Sparksheet columnist Alex Rowland from Alphabird schooled our readers on the differences between branded entertainment and viral videos. Every brand wants its content to go viral, but in the end it comes down to what Alex calls…

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The Sparkbeat What’s Trending

What’s Trending

Here at Sparksheet we are constantly scanning our Twitter and RSS feeds for the most relevant content, media and marketing stories. Every day we come across tweets that pique our interest – articles, videos, pictures, you name it – but there’s…

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The Sparkbeat This Week in Cannes

This Week in Cannes

I’ve just spent the past hour reviewing the 58th annual Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity schedule. Aside from lamenting my lost invitation to Yahoo’s networking yacht party (attended by Martha Stewart and Robert Redford), I am genuinely in awe…

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The Sparkbeat 140conf Link Roundup

140conf Link Roundup

We had a blast at last week’s 140conf. From radiation oncologist Krupali Tejura (@krupali) to actor Romany Malco’s ‘Tijuana Jackson’ ex-con alias (@tijuanajackson), there was no shortage of “characters” on stage. Here are…

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