Branded Content + Entertainment

Museums, retailers and airlines bring guerilla marketing into the social savvy aughts: Guerrilla Marketing in 2010.

Edelman’s Carole Cone warns marketers that “Cause-related marketing, as we know it, is dead.”

Jumping on the latest zombie trend, BrandFlakes suggests you can speak “directly to your audience’s desires. Even if their desires include BRAINS…”

Media + Magazines

Print Matters! The NY Art Book Fair’s patrons redefine print, “unrestrained by the dictates of readability.”

What do last week’s US election results mean for marketers and media types? Advertising Age considers.

Is online media pioneer Slate falling behind its younger, less erudite competitors? The NY Observer discusses.

Airlines + Travel Marketing

The Cranky Flier discusses how Southwest Airlines measures the success of “Bags Fly Free”

Looking to update your customer experience? Here are a few lessons for travel brands.

Ease your airport anxiety: iPhoneness releases a list of the Top 10 Airport Apps for iPhone.