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Last week at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, Steve Jobs introduced the long-awaited iCloud, the free service that will allow users to seamlessly (and cordlessly) sync their Apple devices. While the move is being championed as Apple “finally getting the web,” some critics are questioning whether the service is ready to serve the business world.

Speaking of Apple, along with the iCloud, Jobs also gave a sneak peek of iOS 5, which will “deeply integrate” Twitter into the operating system, but not so much Facebook.

In another nod to Twitter, Facebook is now testing its “Happening Now” feature on a handful of users.

As of June 20, brands will be able to apply for top-level domain extensions, meaning they will be able to purchase URLs ending in their brand names. The new domain offerings will give brands that do not own their desired URLs a second chance at reclaiming themselves on the web.

Views from around the web

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Random bytes

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Going viral

Facebook and Twitter are taken to the streets, showing us just how awkward our online practices actually are:

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