I was recently interviewed by the talented Karyn Campbell from The Idealists, a B2B marketplace and content source for creative professionals.

We chatted about “branded journalism,” the relationship between content and design, and why Sparksheet calls itself a magazine (as opposed to a humble blog). Here’s an excerpt:

Can corporations fund or push innovation in the publishing space while still adhering to journalistic ethics? 

There’s definitely an opportunity for corporations to foster and finance innovative journalism. Of course, they’ve always done this by underwriting radio and TV shows and placing ads in newspapers. In some ways, branded content is just an extension of this. Where do journalistic ethics fit in? It all comes down to transparency. So long as corporations are clear about their role in the content—as well as the limits of what they are willing to cover — I don’t see a conflict.

Check out the interview and stay tuned for Karyn’s forthcoming think piece on Sparksheet!