Photo by Eva Blue via Flickr

Magic. Mystery. Emotion. These are words that come to mind when I think of Cirque du Soleil’s gravity-defying shows. But they have very little to do with conventional marketing, and even less to do with social media, which is all about openness and clarity and direct communication between customers and brands.

During his talk at last month’s Tomorrow Awards, Guibert explained how the multinational Cirque brand connects with customers without diluting its core brand themes of emotion, humanity and creativity. In particular, Guibert said that Cirque:

  • never uses superlatives in its press releases or promotional material. Instead, the brand focuses on emotional words like “wonder” and “journey.” Said Guibert: “If you oversell you can only under-deliver”;
  • always features eye contact in its posters to emphasize the universal human appeal of its shows;
  • puts every act of every show on its website for people to experience and share.

This last point is surprising, as one might expect Cirque du Soleil to preserve the magic of its performances by limiting content to ticket buyers. But Guibert said that, after a period of debate within the company, it became clear that sharing content is the best way to connect with both loyal and potential customers. We sat down with Guibert after his talk to learn about the importance of content and emotion for Cirque du Soleil.