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Sparksheet Monthly

Subscribe to Sparksheet Monthly and receive our free e-newsletter on or near the first Tuesday of every month.

Travel Touchpoints

TNS Australia’s Carolyn Childs explores how travel brands are using new platforms to connect with people around the world.

Emerging Markets Leap into Mobile

Emerging Markets Leap into Mobile

The world’s emerging markets are embracing mobile technology at incredible rates, but each in its own culturally nuanced way. In her latest column, TNS Australia’s Carolyn Childs advises travel brands to understand local differences before taking… more

Sex Still Sells in Emerging Markets

Sex Still Sells in Emerging Markets

The world’s “emerging markets” are brimming with opportunities for brands, but each comes with its own local quirks and challenges. In her latest column, TNS Australia’s Carolyn Childs explains that while sex is still a universal selling… more

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Video Branded

Alphabird’s Alex Rowland on the future of online video and branded entertainment.

Branded Entertainment vs. Viral Videos

Branded Entertainment vs. Viral Videos

Every brand wants its content to go viral, but that’s like winning the lottery in the crowded online media world. Online video expert Alex Rowland explains how brands can find the sweet spot between viral video and branded entertainment – and why… more

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The Content Revolution

Spafax Content Director Arjun Basu believes content is everywhere, everything is content and that brands are on the front lines of the content revolution.

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The Design Code

Whether in print, online, or on some other shiny screen, design is informed by the content it’s serving. Sparksheet Design Director Charles Lim on designing and developing across platforms.

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Engagement Checkup

In the digital age, brands are more connected than ever before. But which ones are really connecting with customers?

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The Transumer

The consumer in transit. The transient consumer. The global citizen. Whichever definition you prefer, there’s no doubt that we have unique and elusive needs when we’re on the go, and it’s up to brands to figure out how to fulfill them.

Travel Airplane Food Goes High-End

Airplane Food Goes High-End

In our latest look at unexpected brand mashups, award-winning food and travel writer Chris Johns explores how international airlines are pairing with gourmet chefs to turn inflight food into haute cuisine. more

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China in Motion

On-the-ground stories and insights into China’s emerging consumer class.

Feature Article Shanzhai: China’s Brand Copycats

Shanzhai: China’s Brand Copycats

China’s consumer class is on the rise, but visitors may still find themselves checking in to a “Marvelot” or shopping at a “Dolce and Banana.” In this month's feature article, columnist Kunal Sinha looks at China’s copycat problem and… more

Old and New Converge in Hong Kong

Old and New Converge in Hong Kong

As Sparksheet’s China columnist, Ogilvy & Mather’s Kunal Sinha gives us a first-hand look at the emerging Chinese consumer class. This month he reports on a hot summer day in Hong Kong – a city where the old and new worlds collide in unexpected… more

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Brand Brazil

Brazil may be the most digitally engaged country in the world, but most marketers fail to see past the samba. Sparksheet’s Brazilian correspondents bring you the latest on South America’s social media nation.

Brand Brazil Hollywood Brazil: Why Filmmakers Love Rio

Hollywood Brazil: Why Filmmakers Love Rio

Rio de Janeiro may be best known for its beaches, but it’s blossoming into a filmmaker’s paradise. Our Brazilian correspondent Renata Acioli goes behind the scenes to find out why Rio is turning into the tinsel town of South America. more

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The Business of Storytelling

Corporate strategist Gunther Sonnenfeld waxes analytic on the role of storytelling and curation in today’s branded world.

The Business of Storytelling

The Business of Storytelling

Whether you’re a major brand, an online marketer or a media outlet, telling stories is the heart and soul of what you do. Corporate technologist Gunther Sonnenfeld explains how businesses can use storytelling to curate relevant branded experiences… more

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Marketing to Muslims

There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the word and they’re young, tech-savvy and drastically under-served by brands. Here’s what marketers need to know about the emerging Muslim consumer.

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