Airlines + Travel Marketing

A combined United and Continental Airlines would make New York City’s airports the key front in the battle for business travellers.

By embracing Twitter, Boeing avoids a PR disaster and becomes “kind of human,” according to a young airline geek’s dad.

Check out this really cool visualization of SXSW hotel check-ins via social networks Fourquare, Flickr, Gowalla and more.

Branded Content + Entertainment

Unlike Hollywood, film festivals are embracing new media and VOD, reports The Wrap.

The future of TV is…TV, blogs sports and media entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

From Absolut and Kraft to Pringle of Scotland, brands are learning that long-form ads are the wave of the future.

Media + Magazines

The BBC, seeking to become a “window on the web,” is sending readers away from its website.

Towing the line between advertising and editorial, the Los Angeles Times dabbles in E-commerce.

Not to toot our own horn, but Sparksheet’s Q&A with New editor Blake Eskin was picked up by MediaPost, the New York Observer, Poynter and others. Exciting!