Branded Content + Entertainment

NewFront took place on June 10th, and if you missed it, you missed a stellar lineup discussing the future of branded entertainment.

The upside of branded content: Brands can give back… Let’s call it “branded altruism.”

As the World Cup gets underway, what should we expect? A “South Africa [that] will never be the same.”

Media + Magazines

Earlier this week, the Webby Awards took place, honouring the best of the web. Our two-part feature interview with Roger Ebert was released in conjunction with him being awarded the Webby Person Of The Year award.

The Philadelphia Inquirer ran a 3-D section in their newspaper with 3-D glasses included. An old technology that is coming back… with a vengeance.

The Red Bulletin June edition is out, and you don’t want to miss it. Why? Because it is one of the best examples of print 2.0 we’ve seen. Download the PDF to see what we are talking about.

Airlines + Travel Marketing

Airline satisfaction is reported to be at a three-year high according to this research.

May was a good month for the airline industry, in terms of kilometres travelled, if only because of all the chaos from the month before (due to a certain ash cloud).

Big Brother may be coming onto a Lufthansa airplane near you.

Spirit becomes the latest airline hit by a pilots’ strike, while Swedish pilots went on strike as well.

What stories made your headlines this week?