At Sparksheet we’re proud to call ourselves a multiplatform magazine and today we’re adding yet another platform to our content arsenal – a podcast!

We’re big believers in the power and intimacy of audio and agree with folks like Mitch Joel and Jay Baer that podcasting is an undervalued and underutilized medium.

Called “Good Ideas” after our trusty tagline, the podcast will allow us to delve deeper into some of the content, media and marketing stories we explore on Sparksheet.

In our first episode, we explore the increasingly relevant phenomenon of country branding (also known as “nation branding” or “place branding”) through the lens of one of the most successful country brands out there: Brand Brazil.

We speak to one of the world’s leading country branding experts and sit down with two marketing profs (a Brazilian and a Canadian who runs a Brazilian exchange program) who help us unpack how Brazil transformed itself in the minds of travellers from “the land of favelas and corruption” to “the land of joy and creativity” in just a few short years.

It turns out that many Brazilians have a more nuanced view of the country’s rising brand than those of us looking in.

Episode notes

Robert Mackalski (left) and Ilan Avrichir

FutureBrand’s Country Brand Index (we speak to Gustavo Koniszczer, Managing Director for Spanish Latin America)

Robert Mackalski (the McGill marketing professor)’s blog

Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (the São Paolo business school where Ilan Avrichir teaches)

Brazil Goes Social: The Rise of the Brazilian Digital Middle Class (our Feature Article on Brazil’s changing social pyramid)

Sparksheet’s “Brand Brazil” column

Thanks to Nicolas Lebel who wrote and performed our theme. The song at the end of the podcast is “Samba a Dois” by Los Hermanos.

“Good Ideas” was produced by myself, Spafax Online Editor Jasmin Legatos and Sparksheet Editorial Assistant Sophie Woodrooffe.

Special thanks to our interviewees and everyone else who made this pilot episode possible. Let us know what you think!

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