Everyone’s still talking about Google+ but hardly anybody seems to be giving Google’s new social network an A+.

Plenty of techies are praising Google+’s clean design and privacy features, but others are decidedly less impressed.

Of course, with any new social network there’s always room for improvement ­­­­– and Google is sure to take these critiques to heart as it continues to tweak the platform.

Here’s what a sampling of tech writers are saying about Google’s latest project:

Mule Design’s Mike Monteiro:

Putting screenshots of Google+ and Twitter next to each other you’ll notice two things. One, there’s a lot more density on the Twitter side. That means more stuff, and stuff is good, as long as stuff is ordered, which [Twitter] generally seems to be.

Mashable’s Ben Parr:
The core of Google+ is the Stream, which doesn’t bring anything new to the table. It’s a lot like Google Buzz or the Facebook News Feed.

Wired’s Shimrit Ben-Yair:
On Facebook I overshare. On Twitter, I undershare. If Google hits that spot in the middle, we can revolutionize social interaction.

The Guardian’s Charles Arthur:
Google+, with its complicated desktop interface, strikes me as something which looks wonderful on a 21in screen, but once you shift onto a smartphone (which is where more and more people are going to experience the web) then it’s going to struggle to be useful.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler:

Whether they’ll admit it or not, Google is making a bold and perhaps risky move by attempting to attack social from scratch. What if they flop again?