Branded Content + Entertainment

The first annual Social Media Day – brought to you by Mashable – takes place on June 30th with over 700 meetups worldwide.

Brand experiences aren’t filling the emotional void they should be, according to Forrester.

WordPress hits the 200,000,000 post mark. That’s a lot of content!

Media + Magazines

Time breaks down the best and most overrated blogs of 2010.

Of the 99 million people who viewed the World Cup on an ESPN/ABC platform, 97% tuned in on TV, 27% streamed games online, and 6% watched on their mobile.

Google Newspass will make “pay-per-view” content a reality, one click at a time.

Airlines + Travel Marketing

Free flights for social media influencers as Klout partners with Virgin America.

Airports as the new mall? Heathrow launches a campaign touting itself as a cheaper alternative to London’s West End shopping district.

Mary Kirby (aka @RunwayGirl) blogs an intriguing Boeing study on the future of IFE systems.

What stories made your headlines this week?