Stop worrying about making “good ads” and start thinking about how to make advertising “good.” That was the core message of Cindy Gallop’s inspiring, TED-esque talk at last month’s Tomorrow Awards conference.

Gallop pointed out the irony in the fact that the creator of Mad Men – the advertising world’s pet TV program – was at odds with his network bosses over the fact that they wanted him to integrate more advertising into the show.

“People love advertising in particular,” Gallop said, pointing out that everyone has a favourite TV commercials or jingle, “but they hate advertising in general.”

That sense of frustration convinced Gallop, a former Chairman at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, to ditch traditional advertising for the wild west of Web activism and entrepreneurship. Her first solo venture, Make Love Not Porn, broke down some of the myths people have about sex due to the proliferation of Internet pornography (warning: link is not quite safe for work).

Her current project, IfWeRanTheWorld, is a simple Web platform that brings together people’s good intentions with corporate good intentions to turn them into “collective actions.” We sat down with Gallop after her talk to chat about why “the future of branding is action,” as she puts it.