The U.S. presidential election is tomorrow and despite what the pundits may have you believe, it’s not just a political event. Like the Olympics, with its four-year cycle the U.S. election tells us a lot about the evolution of media and technology.

If 2008 was the social media election, this is the year that cloud computing is powering American politics, according to an infographic by Rackpace, a… cloud computing company.

From absentee voting and online registration to mobile advertising, cloud-based platforms and the “big data” they store are transforming American politics.

The Obama and Romney have access to more demographical information via data mining than ever before and that data is being used to deploy targeted ads through social media platforms and on mobile devices. Cloud-computing software like LiveBallot is even making it easier for people to vote.

So how much of a game changer will these technologies turn out to be? Keep your smartphone tuned into Twitter on Election Day and chances are you’ll be the first to know.

Rackspace® — Election 2012: Powered By The Cloud [INFOGRAPHIC]