When Sparksheet launched in June 2009, we were predominantly a travel marketing blog. As we’ve evolved into an award-winning multiplatform magazine, our scope has expanded to include all corners of the content, media and marketing universe.

We’re still really interested in how brands are using content to reach the elusive consumer in transit – the Transumer – wherever they may be. But that “wherever” can be in the air, at home, in the office or anywhere else in the world.

That said, we know that many of you are intimately involved in the airline/inflight media world ­– and we want to make sure there’s enough relevant content out there to keep you inspired.

So as part of our Sparksheet Events service, we’ve launched a special micro-magazine called Sparksheet@APEX built around the 2011 Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Seattle. The site’s mission? To explore the connections between the inflight world, and the content, media and marketing universe.

On the site, you’ll find exclusive Q&As with the airlines, content distributors, hardware manufacturers and inflight entertainment and communications experts who make the industry fly. You’ll also find a bunch of classic Sparksheet stories updated and reframed for the APEX crowd.

Once we land in Seattle, there will be plenty of blogging and live-tweeting from our @sparksheet_apex account.

So if you’re an airline aficionado, check out the site and let us know if you have any APEX stories to share.

If you’re not – don’t worry. The usual Sparksheet and our various social media channels will continue undisturbed. But, of course, you’re welcome to stop by.