Sparksheet QuestionIn April 2013, La Presse, Montreal’s leading French-language broadsheet, announced an aggressive digital migration policy and introduced La Presse+, a tablet-only app. On January 1, 2016, La Presse became the first print newspaper to go fully digital and stop their weekday print edition (they continue to print the Saturday paper). La Presse+ is available for free, is ad supported, and now counts more than 534,000 weekly readers. Meanwhile, we keep hearing the tablet is “dead.” If that’s the case, how is La Presse+ doing? Is the tablet really dead?

Even though new tablet sales have flattened, growth is there and the tablet usage is up. The life cycle of a tablet is much longer a smartphone’s. For instance, the 5-year-old iPad 2 (2011) is still widely used and supported by Apple. Much research (eMarketer, Pew Research Center, CEFRIO, etc.) shows that tablet penetration and usage is growing within the population. In fact, net installed base is growing as more new tablets arrive and old ones are passed along to other users. Take La Presse+ for example which has doubled its Android tablet daily users in the last 12 months and increased its iPad daily users in the same period by 40%. To answer your question, tablets are very much alive and an important part of Canadians’ digital experience.



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