Plenty of magazines are expanding beyond print content these days – and I’m not just talking about the web.

New York Magazine is the latest in a slew of magazines that has taken its brand into uncharted territory. MediaPost reports that the weekly mag has teamed up with, a dating site that allows users to choose partners based on date proposals. Basically, you post a date idea and find someone who digs your proposal.

This may seem like an odd coupling, but think about it: New York Magazine’s website devotes an entire section to restaurants and another one to bars. A partnership with a dating service that focuses on dates – which often take place in restaurants and bars – seems like a no-brainer.

HowAboutWe isn’t some fledgling startup either. It’s been garnering buzz for the past year or so. Mashable, Gawker, CNN and The New York Times are just a sampling of the publications that have covered the free dating service.

So it seems like a smart move for New York Magazine to jump on the bandwagon and collaborate with an up-and-coming brand.

Of course, New York isn’t the first magazine to extend its brand through innovative partnerships. TechCrunch reported back in February 2010 that Lucky Magazine had partnered with location-sharing site Foursquare to create a tool that offered tips to New York Fashion Week attendees on the best places to get coffee, WiFi access, or other necessities.

Foursquare has also inked deals over the past year with the likes of Bravo, Spin, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Whether these partnerships go on to become success stories or not, the bottom line is that the notion of what a magazine brand is and does has changed forever.