Sparksheet QuestionIn my view: yes, by necessity. Call it marketing or call it PR, but today’s landscape demands enthusiastic boundary pushing. Marketing is evolving, PR is exploding, the need for agility is extreme. There’s no point in trying to keep a clear line in the ground when you’re in the middle of an earthquake.

I mean that in the best possible way. From a marketer’s (or publicist’s!) perspective, we’re in a weird world where anything goes, and I think that’s a very productive thing – it means that big ideas can truly be embraced. That’s what makes the job so difficult, but also so much fun.

The key is to think about the audience first: for the public, it’s not about a PR pitch or a marketing campaign, but instead about a moment or an experience that evolves their relationship with a brand.

Marketing and PR will each always have their own lingo, their own methodologies and their own die-hard advocates. But my prediction is that the business world of the future will care about results, not about labels or disciplines.


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