Since 2011, Sparksheet has produced upwards of 1,000 pieces of content in various media. It has won almost 100 awards for its editorial and design. And it has reached thousands of readers – including you – who visit the website, or have subscribed to our newsletter, or via various social channels. It continues to make countless “best of” lists and is a valued resource for thought leadership about all types of content marketing. We’re pretty proud of it.

But we’re not the type to rest on our laurels.

Very soon we will announce changes to Sparksheet. It’s not going away. Rather, we are going to reorient it. How? We’re going to include more writing by colleagues at Spafax, in addition to writing from experts from around the world. We’re also going to start curating the best of the web – the interesting, forward-leaning stuff we find – to share with our growing audience. If anything, we will push more content, and more varied content, across more channels, and we will increase the frequency of that content. We will also increase the frequency of our newsletter (though not without your permission).

If you’re following us on any of our channels across social media, you will notice the eventual rebranding of those  channels, which will be relabelled Spafax Content Marketing. So if you’re following us on Twitter (or LinkedIn, Facebook, SlideShare and wherever else you might follow Sparksheet), and you’re wondering where Sparksheet went, it will not have gone anywhere. And you will always be able to find us at

Without an audience, a blog is nothing. You will be apprised of every change we undertake every step of the way. We believe that Sparksheet is a blog for transformation, and a beacon helping show the industry overall the path forward. We believe that content enhances marketing and we want Sparksheet to be at the heart of the new thinking about how brands communicate with the world.

This is an exciting time for the Sparksheet community and we look forward to sharing the plans of our evolution with you. So stay tuned. And though we don’t say it enough, thanks for reading, and for being a part of our community.