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Sparksheet Monthly

Subscribe to Sparksheet Monthly and receive our free e-newsletter on or near the first Tuesday of every month.

Agency Meets Legacy: Q&A with Guardian Labs’ Anna Watkins

As managing director at the newly created Guardian Labs, Anna Watkins helps brands tell their…

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Rethinking News Design: Q&A With Mario Garcia

For the past 40 years, Mario Garcia has been helping dailies as diverse as The Washington Post and…

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Branded Editorial: Q&A With Condé Nast’s Nathan Lump

This year Condé Nast created a new position – director of branded content – to help brands tell…

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Putting Social On Display: Q&A with Enplug’s Nanxi Liu

We speak with Nanxi Liu, cofounder and CEO of Enplug, a startup that’s transforming digital signs…

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The Secret Social Network: AMA with Reddit’s Erik Martin

It’s called the front page of the internet and the culture maker of the web. So why isn't Reddit…

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Reimagining Branded Entertainment: Q&A with CAA Marketing’s Jesse Coulter

In our latest Q&A, we speak with Jesse Coulter, co-chief creative officer at CAA Marketing about…

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Cracking the Innovation Code: Q&A with Klick Health’s Jay Goldman

What if businesses tried to understand their talent as well as they understand their customers? We…

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The Travel Industry’s Skift Lift: Q&A with Rafat Ali

The world’s largest industry is notoriously siloed, but Rafat Ali aims to change that with Skift,…

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The Power of Storytelling: Q&A with George Dawes Green

Storytelling and marketing go hand in hand, so why is it so hard for brands to pull off? In our…

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