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Sparksheet Monthly

Subscribe to Sparksheet Monthly and receive our free e-newsletter on or near the first Tuesday of every month.

Tweeting From Space: Q&A With NASA’s Social Media Team

John Yembrick and Jason Townsend head over 500 social media channels at NASA, but it’s mostly the…

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Lego’s Innovation Game: Q&A with David Robertson

In our latest Q&A, we speak to Wharton professor David Robertson about his book, Brick by Brick,…

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The Science of Contagious Content: Q&A with Jonah Berger

Getting content to go viral used to be more of an art than a science, but new research is shedding…

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Building a Digital Legacy: Q&A with The Atlantic’s Kimberly Lau

The Atlantic has been around for 155 years, but with an expansive digital strategy, it’s not…

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The Content Marketing Matchmaker: Q&A with Contently’s Shane Snow

Contently is a network that helps brands find content creators, and content creators find work. We…

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Brand New Sweden: Q&A with Swedish Institute’s Frida Roberts

Earlier this month, Sweden unveiled its new brand identity with the launch of its redesigned site,…

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Data Stories: Q&A with Bitly Scientist Emeritus Hilary Mason

Some see science as the flipside of creativity. Not Hilary Mason. We spoke to the data scientist,…

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Syndicated, Curated and Branded: Q&A with NewsCred CEO Shafqat Islam

When the content syndication platform NewsCred started curating content for brands, its business…

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Luxury Driven: Q&A with Mercedes-Benz Canada’s Jay Owen

Can an iconic luxury brand maintain its mystique while courting a younger, digital-savvy…

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