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Sparksheet Monthly

Subscribe to Sparksheet Monthly and receive our free e-newsletter on or near the first Tuesday of every month.

How to Read Customer Comments: Q&A with Camilla Vásquez, Ph.D., Discourse Analyst & Sociolinguist

How should brands "read" user comments? As mini-focus groups? Another way to monitor customer…

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Delegating Trip Planning: A Q&A with Greg Apple of HelloGbye

Though it’s launching in 2016, HelloGbye is already garnering a lot of attention. The travel…

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What Happens When You Combine Curation and A Social Network? You Get This. A Q&A with Andrew Golis

Sharing, social and community come together to cut through the web’s noise and help you find great…

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How to Design Your Own Airline

Devin Liddell looks at the world differently, especially when it comes to air travel.

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Q&A With Word-Of-Mouth Marketer Ted Wright

Heard of Ted Wright? No? Well if you’ve ever flown with Delta Airlines, enjoyed a glass of…

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The News Social Network: Q&A With De Correspondent’s Rob Wijnberg

Upon its launch in 2013, the Dutch site De Correspondent was hailed as the year's most interesting…

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Paying for Attention: Q&A with Chartbeat CEO Tony Haile

It’s never been easier to measure digital content. Deciding what metrics actually matter is…

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Making Media Matter: Q&A with Corey Ford

Corey Ford is director of Matter, Silicon Valley’s only incubator and accelerator for media…

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How to Assemble a Content Brand: Q&A with IKEA’s Alia Kemet

Ikea has been embracing branded content on the web longer than most brands have had social media…

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