In a couple of weeks, Sparksheet will be in New York for the 140 Characters Conference, a gathering of marketing professionals, media personalities, and other “characters” interested in the evolution of “the real-time web,” as conference curator Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver) puts it. 

As the 140conf’s official media partner, we will be doing what we do best: turning the event into content. Just like we did at BrandsConf in December, we will be interviewing speakers, creating original think pieces around the conference and publishing a comprehensive roundup once all is said and tweeted. Our editor, Dan Levy, will also be on hand to introduce some of the speakers.

If you’re interested in coming, you should know that Sparksheet readers can get a 25 percent discount on registration by using the promo code “sparksheet” –

This year’s event boasts an eclectic lineup, which includes everyone from AOL’s Tim Armstrong (@timarmstrongaol) and Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley (@dens), to “Chuck Norricist” Ian Spector (@IanJSpector).

In keeping with the conference’s micro-blogging theme, each speaker is granted only 10 to 15 minutes to share their stories and engage with the audience.

Here is a sample of 140conf sessions that may be interesting to Sparksheet readers (featuring some of our past contributors and Q&A subjects):

  • Q&A with Andy Carvin (@acarvin), Senior strategist at NPR and Jennifer Preston (@NYT_JenPreston), Writer, New York Times
  • Catching up with Funny or Die with Patrick Starzan (@Starzan), VP Marketing, Funny or Die (stay tuned for our forthcoming Q&A with Starzan!)
  • #NowWhat? The Next Step in the Journey to Humanize and Socialize Brands with Eric Weaver (@Weave), VP Digital Strategy