The digital publishing industry made international headlines last April with an antitrust lawsuit involving Amazon, Apple and five major publishing houses. If digital publishing wasn’t considered a mature market then, it certainly is now.

But there’s a whole lot more to the e-book world than backroom distribution deals. And that’s why we’ll be attending (and live-tweeting!) the Digital Book World Discoverability and Marketing event this week in New York. The conference brings together content creators, publishers and publicists for two session-packed days of e-book marketing info.

And since e-books can be published with the click of a mouse, the industry is attracting a diverse crowd of stakeholders, including traditional publishers exploring business models that will maximize print-to-web profits as well as social sites like Goodreads that capitalize on the sharability of online content.

Traditional topics like word-of-mouth, SEO, and social media solutions will be accompanied by more industry-specific sessions, such as those that offer advice on how publishers and authors can share the burden of marketing their titles online.

Speakers include Charles Duhigg from the New York Times, Book Riot co-founder Clinton Kabler and Amazon’s author and publisher relationships director, Jon Fine. Follow us at our usual home on Twitter or else check out the event hashtag #DBWDM12 to receive live event coverage.