The folks who brought you the Sparksheet newsletter, the Sparksheet e-book, and the Sparksheet iPhone app are proud to present the new Sparksheet iPad App, ­and it’s available – for free – in the iTunes App Store!

As you know, we’re big believers in making content accessible to people wherever they may be – at home, on the go, or even in the air. So the Sparksheet iPad App is just one more platform for you to access our award-winning think pieces, Q&As, videos and other original and curated content.

Unlike some other magazine brands (you know who you are), we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel with a flashy-but-clunky app that puts design before content, and print before digital. Besides, – our newly redesigned website – is already optimized for the iPad and all sorts of different screens and mobile devices.

The Sparksheet iPad App keep things simple, searchable and clean – just the way we like it. Let us know what you think!