Max Lenderman

As an authority in experiential marketing, out-of-home advertising and the hyper-developing “BRIC” countries, Max Lenderman and his latest book, Brand New World, are right up our alley.

During his presentation, he shared pictures of a Bollywood-style “branded theatre” performance in India sponsored by a cell phone company.

He also tugged on the audience’s heartstrings by showing a video of Tide’s “loads of hope” truck, which provided New Orleans residents with free laundry service in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

We joined him for a cigarette break outside the venue and asked him to tell us more about his adventures in Brazil, Russia, India and China:

Jeffrey Gitomer

Funny, brash and politically incorrect, Jeffrey Gitomer has sold more than a million books on the art of selling and earning customer loyalty, including the widely revered Sales Bible. In his talk, he stressed that both marketers and sales people must put themselves “in front of people who can say ‘yes’ – and deliver to them first.”

We caught up with him as he was signing books and asked about the differences between sales and marketing and how the new media world is changing the art of persuasion:

Ron Tite

Art of Marketing attendees may not have realized that the guy providing witty banter between presenters is an accomplished advertiser in his own right. Event host Ron Tite has carved out an interesting niche for himself as a Creative Director by day, corporate comedian by night.

We spoke to him during the lunch break about the connection between business and comedy, personal branding, and the universal power of storytelling:

Mitch Joel

Our loyal readers are well acquainted with digital marketing rock star Mitch Joel. He’s the President of Twist Image, best-selling author of Six Pixels of Separation and, perhaps most importantly, a Sparksheet contributor!

Mitch kicked off the day with a passionate talk about how the marketing world is being reinvented by social networking, YouTube and online customer reviews (did you know that there are more grandparents than high school students on Facebook, or that negative reviews inspire more sales than positive ones)?

We asked him about the future of publishing and the surprising power of face-to-face events in the digital age:

The jam-packed day also included great talks by charismatic analytics wizard Avinash Kaushik, Just for Laughs founder Andy Nulman, and of course, a certain marketing guru named Seth. We didn’t have a chance to catch them all on video but…

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