ultimate-transumerTran-sum-er (noun) 1. A consumer in transit. A consumer on the go.  2. A citizen of the world. Or at least, of airports. Or hotels rooms. Or the travel “headspace.”

There are Transumers among us. Or, rather, there is a Transumer in all of us. We become different people when we travel. We read books you would never find on our night stands. We watch movies we would never go for at home. And we buy things that would only appeal to us in this unique  and elusive frame of mind. The Transumer values new experiences, top-notch service and the freedom to slide between borders and media with ease.

Tell us: Who, in your mind, best exemplifies the idea of the Transumer? Post your answers in the comments below. Give us a name and tell us why.

Next month we’ll unveil our list of the World’s Top Transumers, using your suggestions and quotes as sparks.  Feel free to spread the word to friends and colleagues, Twitter followers and LinkedIn contacts.

The search for the Ultimate Transumer is on!