Here at Sparksheet we are constantly scanning our Twitter and RSS feeds for the most relevant content, media and marketing stories. Every day we come across tweets that pique our interest – articles, videos, pictures, you name it – but there’s only so much retweeting we can do.

Below are some of our recent favourites from around the social networks:

This Week on Twitter

@brandchannelhub: Twitter Proves Mettle With Oslo Tragedy, Winehouse Demise

@mashable: Why Location-Based Gaming Is The Next Killer App [OPINION] –

@fastcompany: Who should brands target on @Facebook? Hint: It’s not their fans.

@mtlgazette: Women aren’t pushed to enter tech world (Stay tuned for Ja-Naé Duane’s take on this issue on Sparksheet)

@spafax_arjun: David Meerman Scott: Are Google, Facebook, and Twitter Taking Social Backwards

@NeimanLab: Condé Nast’s Scott Dadich on reinventing mags for the iPad (He must’ve read Charles Lim’s Sparksheet column on The Problem with Magazine Apps)

@smashingmag: New Note on DesignInformer: 50 Things Every Creative Should Know –

@spafax: Great interviews on @thepulse Pulse Network New Marketing TV by @sparksheet Editor Dan Levy (@danjl). #spafax (Props, Dan!)

@fastcompany: RT @DavidHazeltine: Why Smart #Brands Are Embracing @Tumblr

Going viral

SONIC’s “Heart’s Desire” Commercial

Is Sonic’s food really that good? The fast food chain’s latest TV spot will leave you in stitches… and craving cheesy tots.

The Google+ Trailer

Google+ gets The Social Network treatment.

Pictures of the week

The next frontier of marketing: Planet earth.

A sampling from AdWeek’s “20 Clever Bus-Shelter Ads to Brighten Your Travels.”

“Im watching u,” reads a text message sent to passersby of this Australian bus shelter. But don’t worry, it’s not a stalker. It’s an ad promoting the latest season of Big Brother using Bluetooth transmission. "Big Brother is back. 7 PM weeknights on TEN" reads the next message 30 seconds later. Phew!

Vitaminwater won't just recharge you, it will also recharge your mobile device. Nifty!