Media + Magazines

Design buffs are abuzz about the new Writer app for the iPad (we’re loving the product brief as much as the app).

Living up to the hype: the US eBook market expected to reach $500 Million in 2010.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: a look at the state of the magazine from three distinct angles.

Airlines + Travel Marketing

A self-proclaimed “Instapaper for the real world,” Foursquare’s revamped iPhone App offers location-specific “tips” and curated “to-do” lists.

The no-nonsense bus gets a business casual makeover: bus lines step up to compete for the business travel ticket.

Photographer Nick Gleis offers exclusive views into the world’s most opulent private aircraft.

Branded Content + Entertainment

Why marketing heads should turn to Hollywood for cues on branded content.

Ad network VideoEgg acquires conversational media company SixApart to form SAY:Media.

Time Magazine’s curious countdown of oddball celebrity endorsements.